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May 3, 2019
North Texas Newsletter May 2019

Apr 18, 2019
Welcome Edition

Sep 18, 2017
Club Support for Mentorfest


North Texas Newsletter May 2019

May 3, 2019

North Texas Newsletter May 2019
  • The ARRL North Texas Section gains their first Section Youth Coordinator
  • Notes from Greg Evans The Section Emergency Coordinator
  • Mentorfest Hailed Success
  • Go To Webinar with The EC's
  • Groups.IO New NTX Email Reflector
  • Emory Ham Fest (11th of May)
  • Ham Com in Plano The First week of June
  • ARRL Field Day June 22-23, 2019

New Section Youth Coordinator

QST Magazine - March 2019 - page 75 Katherine Forson, KT5KMF, was congratulated by MARC President Bill Vining, N5YZ, after she presented her award-winning project at a club meeting.
Katherine Forson, KT5KMF, was congratulated by MARC President Bill Vining, N5YZ, after she presented her award-winning project at a club meeting.

Katherine M. Forson, KT5KMF has joined the section management team as our Section Youth Coordinator.

Katherine is a Vibrant young lady that is a member of the Plano Amateur Radio Klub (PARK), she has awesome school grades and is a member of her school band.

Her Photo along with that of the Plano Amateur Radio Klub president appeared on page 75 of the March issue of QST.

Katherine and I first met, during my campaign for the Section Manager position, during my visit to Plano. At that club meeting, she gave a presentation on her Science Fair project, her topic "Effects of Time of Day on Radio Wave Signal Propagation".

Saying I was impressed with this young lady is an understatement.

One of my short term goals as your new section manager has been to recruit a young person to be not only our Section Youth Coordinator, but a Youth Team Leader, Katherine is just that a Leader.

Katherine, her Dad and I first discussed her possible role at the Irving Ham Fest, just after the announcement that I won the SM election. This was a big family decision and I was beyond happy when she and her dad showed up at Mentorfest on the 27th of April and Katherine told me she was eager to do this.

We are going to see great things happening with the Youth in our section thanks to the many ideas and plans that Katherine has.

I see a Texas YOTA (Youth On The Air) team evolving in the near future.

Notes from our SEC Greg Evans K5GTX

First, I would like to thank everyone for the support on becoming the SEC of our great section. I especially want to thank our outgoing SEC, Jerry Goodson for his hard work over the past couple of years. I have asked Jerry to continue as ASEC along with Noreen O’Connell, Dave Martin, Dale Finley, and John Galvin. I will be leaning on the team to help our ARES section be the best.

NTX ARES will have it’s own booth at HAMCOM this year to promote our members. I ask that all DECs and ECs in attendance stop by and help staff the booth. I will be giving a presentation ‘ARES – Supporting EMCOMM’ at noon on Saturday, June 8. I invite you to come to learn about our ARES mission.

In April, K5XPO and I represented North Texas at the Spring COMMEX, and we had a successful event. It was great to work with various State and Federal Agencies to learn how they operate, and we can work with them in the future. We will be incorporating that knowledge into the next SETs.

We are in the planning phase of a Fall SET with South Texas in the October time frame. More information and training will be forthcoming.

Information concerning the section including training, events, and discussions is found at our Groups.IO forum at If you are an ARES member, please join us in our forums to be kept up to date on happenings throughout our section.

The most important thing we can focus on is training. Training is vital for our members and the partners we serve. A lot of us have been in radio for a long time, so we know how to talk on the radio. But that is not the only need. Our partners and our members need to understand how to work together, what is expected of ARES members and how to complete the mission of supporting our communities. Through training, we get to know each other – by participating in nets, filing communications roles at public service events or in support during an emergency. The FEMA ICS courses are critical for ARES and our partners – ICS provides the common terminology and methodology that we will use.

SKYWARN is not the only ARES mission. We support local races, public events, other Volunteer agencies and joint communications exercises with local, state and federal agencies. Critical Infrastructure assessment is another key mission that ARES members can help complete even when directly impacted by a disaster. And, with completed training, ARES members can support efforts to recover after a disaster

I look forward to working with you – it is an exciting time for our Section.

Mentorfest 2019

April 27th was of course Mentorfest, and while I had never attended before.

I was told by many that the turn out looked better than last year, at times it was a bit crowed, but in a comfy way.

As the new Section manager, I relied entirely on Bill Caldwell AC5BC and his team to get Mentorfest ready.
Bill did not disappoint, he and his crew did a Fantastic job !!!
Jay Urish, W5GM was also a huge help in ensuring that Mentorfest went off without a hitch,
Jay, Thank You and congratulations on your new job !

After everyone left for the day, Bill and I chatted for a bit

We both realize Mentorfest 2020 needs to be even bigger and better, it will be.

Join in on the conversation at

on what you loved and what you would like to see done a bit different at Mentorfest next year.
We want your suggestions and Feedback !

Go To Webinar with the EC's

A Go To Webinar conference will be held around the 15th of May with all EC's, myself, and Greg Evans our SEC.

This will be a discussion of the needs of the EC's.

How can Greg and I best help you do your job, what you like and what you need.

And find out if you have all you need from your DEC.

Watch your email in box for an invite to this Go To Webinar.

Groups.IO New NTX Email Reflector

To join the ARRLNTX reflector Sign up for then search for the Group "ARRLNTX" and request to Join.

Please, use your real name and your Call sign in your Groups IO profile.

If you have any problems signing up just drop me an email request for signup

We currently have 199 members signed up, please help spread the word on this communication tool.

Emory Ham Fest (11th of May)

The newest ARRL Ham Fest for North Texas is The Emory Ham Fest on May 11th

More info on the Emory Fest here...

Ham Com in Plano

Ham Com this June is going to be Bigger than ever !
Lots of ARRL activity and a Saturday morning full of ARRL specific forums, plenty of other forums as well.

Ham Com organizer currently have a total of over Forty Three Forums on Saturday alone, There are also forums on the Half day Friday.

Complete info here.......

Click presentations when you get to the Ham Com site.

W1AW portable 5 will also be on the air for guest to operate from, so come have some fun !

The ARRL Booth will be attended by ARRL Staff ranging from the ARRL President to the Section Youth Coordinator, I will of course be there, when not upstairs at a forum.

I need to attend several ARRL forums, and I have two presentations I am doing on Saturday, plus one Friday afternoon.

If your a DX OP make sure you consider going to the DX Dinner Saturday evening and the very first presentation Saturday morning is "K3LR Multi-Multi Story" by Tim Duffy.

ARRL Field Day June 22-23, 2019

I know everyone wants me to personally visit their FD site and I would love to.

With the distance between the sites that are on the East and West side of the the greater Dallas area, it is going to very difficult for me to attend everyone's FD site.

Please understand, everyone of you and your clubs are important to me.

If your FD site is currently, plotted on the ARRL FD Locator Map and North of Dallas, I will make an appearance if at all possible.

If you don't see me at your FD site, you may see an Assistant Section manager and/or the West Gulf Division Director.

It is my goal for everyone that has their site on the FD locator Map, to get a visit from someone in the Section management staff.

If your site is NOT on the ARRL FD Site locator Map, then please do not expect a visit this year.

Telephone 318-470-9806



Welcome Edition

Apr 18, 2019

Welcome Edition

Greetings and Welcome to the new North Texas ARRL Section News Letter

A lot has transpired this month that I want to share with you:

  • New Section manager
  • New Section Emergency Coordinator
  • Irving & Belton Ham Fests were rich rewarding experiences
  • Go To Webinar
  • Groups.IO New NTX Email Reflector
  • Mentor Fest (27th of  April)
  • Emory Ham Fest (11th of May)

New Section manager

Most of you know I took office on the first of the month as your Section manager (SM), and for those that want to know more about your new SM,  I highly recommend you read the article that Jerry Goodson W5BFF wrote.  Here is a link that article... 

New Section Emergency Coordinator

Greg Evans K5GTX is our new Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC).  Greg brings a wealth of Professional as well as Amateur ECOM experience to our Section, he is a former Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator (ASEC)  under Jerry Goodson.  Jerry said he needed to step back from the role as our SEC, but continues to play key roles within our Section management as an ASEC, Section Training Officer (a new position assigned by me) and as an AEC for his county.

Irving & Belton Ham Fests

I attended the Irving Ham Fest as the Section Manager Elect on the 2nd of March, and the Belton Ham Fest on April the 5th and 6th as your new SM.
I got to visit with many fellow North Texans at both Irving and Belton, making both functions a rewarding experience.

Go To Webinar

On the First of April, I held a Go To Webinar conference with most of the District Emergency Coordinators. The use of this new tool (Go To Webinar) was favorably received by those that attended. I plan on using the Go To Webinar tool set often to listen and virtually visit with Section Staff and Fellow North Texas Members.

A new Email Reflector

Groups.IO  To join the ARRLNTX reflector Sign up for then search for the Group "ARRLNTX" and request to Join
Please,  use your real name and your Call sign in your Groups IO profile.

Mentor Fest (27th of  April)

Next up is Mentor Fest on the 27th of this month.   Detailed info on Mentor fest.... 

Emory Ham Fest (11th of May)

The newest ARRL Ham Fest for North Texas is The Emory Ham Fest on May 11th
More info on the Emory Fest here... 

I will strive to have a News letter ready for Jerry, W5BFF to publish on The ARRLNTX website by the first week of each month.

Telephone 318-470-9806


Club Support for Mentorfest

Sep 25, 2007

Club Support for Mentorfest

Greetings Affiliated Club Newsletter Editors!

As you may have heard by now (at least, we hope), Mentorfest 2017 is next month (October 21, 2017) in Irving.

We are still looking for contacts from clubs who are coming to set up a table and participate in the activities and festivities.  We've got a lot of great presentations lined up (although there's still room for more), but we've gotten very little response from clubs that will be helping and representing.

All of the information for Mentorfest is on the NTX section website at:

There's also a flyer you can download and print for distribution.  If your newsletter hasn't yet gone out for next month, please include Mentorfest in your next edition, and encourage your members to come and learn, help, and participate.

For any questions, concerns, inquiries, or confirmation, please use the email address: 

That address will forward your message to ALL the Mentorfest board members.  He hope to see you and your club's banner there!

-=Jerry A. Goodson=- W5BFF
Assistant Section Manager
North Texas Section, ARRL

430-342-3376 - Cell